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Attractions and Special Events Calendar at
The Old Homestead
Bed & Breakfast

Book your Rooms NOW
for special Holiday Events and Visits

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Book your Rooms for this week end: Dec 8 - Saturday
Special Holiday Events

Victorian Holiday Celebrations in St Johnsbury, which in itself is a 'Victorian Town"
Events at the Athenaeum and the Fairbanks Museum (both are on line).
Shop for unique gifts in St J.
Top of the day with a lagsanga dinner in Barnet Village
(to benefit the repairs to our Water distribution system)
and spend a relaxing night and Sunday morning at our Inn.
Call 802.633.4016 for reservations at the Inn -- stay Friday & Saturday for best rates.

The Old Homestead is open through the year!
Four season activities are available.
Arts focus in the Spring when the hiking trails are closed for "Mud Season"!

Plan now for a family visit, hear good music, creative shopping, or a retreat from the busy life.
Great summer anchor from which to swim, hike, kayak, canoe, cycle or attend area Festivals.
Check below for highlight dates and book now for your choice of rooms.

Plan to bring in 2019 with First Night in St. Johnsbury and at
The Old Homestead
2018's First Night boasted 250 artists - 100 shows -
from 4 'til midnight New Year's Eve

Notice: for Retreat Center Programs at Milarapa or Karme Choling
You may reserve online. However, if you are staying for an extended period or plan to attend
a Karme Choling or Milerapa extended Program please book directly with the Inn.
All rooms are blocked from on-line reservations to be saved for Special Retreat Center Programs.
Always call us directly for last minute availabilities as the online closes 2 days before the date.
The on-line reservation service is through
The LaFavorite Room is also available though Air B n B.

Experience the Kingdom! Northeast, that is!!
Experience culture - tour the Kingdom - all from Barnet VT


Web sites to check for special dates and events: 

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St. Johnsbury is just 12 minutes north of Barnet on Rte.5, a lovely and easy drive.

A few words about Fall color touring in the Northeast Kingdom:

This year, 2018, was at peak color about Occtober 6 through the 18,
and was still good color through the end of October.
Yes a bit unusual, but 14 of the last 17 years closer to the norm

Foliage Color: Leaves are encouraged to change by cold nights. Stressed and diseased trees turn and drop early. Last year, 2017 foliage was very atypical. Many Norway Maples, succumbed to a fungus from the cold and wet June and July and they turned early in September and dropped their leaves quiclly. Many of our maples kept their green until late in October. Climate change is definitely affecting our fall foliage. In my own tracking color is peaking in our area closer to October 10-14. Fifty years of history puts the average at October 4-7. This said, there is no way to predict. All I can say is that I WILL KNOW WHERE there is color within a 50 mile radius, so plan to stay a few days and take it all in -- activities, color, events, and area history.

During Sept & Oct check out color as it is reported at
My predictions are from my uneducated amateur 20 years of record keeping.
Foliage Network .com is an actual which is reported twice a week from spotters all over the northeast.
Most other predictions are from 50 years of Forest Service Records which are not as locale specific and
does not allow for climate change. While the best pridictions may go awry, I feel the second week of October
is a good bet, and the 1st and 3rd a little more risky, but hold very good possibilities for peak color.

DO make a reservation for October weekends, unless sleeping in your car is an option.

For detailed current foliage information go to the The site is created by spotters sending in reports twice a week. Most sites are based only on history, but we all know weather history is quickly changing.

Karme Choling & Milarepa: for especially long stay, special events
Please call for availability and special prices and book directly with the Inn.
I will block these dates from on-line reservations but I do that in order to SAVE them for your programs.
Book directly with the Inn for availability and special rates.

Special Music in the North Country!

Catamount Arts web site lists special arts events is the booking agent in the area.
This includes nearly all of the arts activities in northern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Summer Saturday morning markets in St. Johnsbury include music, crafts, lunch and more!

Opera HD Live at the Met, Many Saturdays during the winter and Spring Season
Summer Encore Series on Wednesday evenings in July, $22 adult tix.
A small intimate venue with treats during intermissions and informal gallery also available!

Ballet from the BOLSHOI and drama from National Theatre of London
also Live in HD

Chamber Music Classical Series, Main Street Arts at St. Andrews, and Music @ North Church
Summer Band Concerts on Mondays, Concerts in the Park often

Find it all at www.CatamountArts

Check Individual Web sites for details and Catamount Arts Web site for Calendar & Tix
For a very rural area the arts flourish in the North Country. We have a lot going on, a lot of participation, amazingly good quality from many top drawer professional artists who just love to come to the North Country! You will love what they do also, and finish off your special time in the 'Kingdom' with good cusine and an elegant stay!

For special Arts rates book directly with the INN, not the On-line Reservation Services.
The Old Homestead will give you special rates for two or three night stays for Arts Events.
AND: If you are celebrating a special event at The Old Homestead let me know and I may add a little something special for the celebration! Elegance with comfort is the Homestead way!



Theater in the North Country!

Special Arts Patron Rates: Book two or more nights and ask us to reserve your tickets!

Live in HD: National Theatre of London, Bolshoi Ballet, Met Opera
Also live from St. Johnsbury Academy Theatre and NEK Players.

Check Catamount Arts web site for special arts events in the area.

Art Galleries in the North Country!

Catamount Arts Gallery: - a new show every month.
Several other area Galleries as well as restaurants displaying local artists!

The Atheneaum -- our greatest treasure -- is an art gallery and a library in a restored building!
Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild
-- Railroad St., St.Johnsbury, center of town - Guild Store & Gallery
The Artful Eye -- St. Johnsbury across from the Artisians Guild. Find a unique $20 gift or $2,000 treasure.
An Antique Mall connected the The Artful Eye--New!- and red tag store on the other side!
Find a unique gift for $20 or collectors piece for $2,000!
Or just look and dream!
Galleries at: Bread and Butter Cafe (new in 2018!), Artful Eye, etc.
Antiques: Carmen's on Railroad Street,
She knows her antiques, lots of them!
Bethlehem NH, several stores in one block.
and in St. J., now 3 stores in one block!!
Book Stores can be a special breed of Gallary -- ours is very special!
Planetarium at the Fairbanks Museum
Readings and Special Events at the Athenaeum




These are a few of my favorite places. Vermonters have a very special relationship with their foods! Most of these restaurants serve local foods. Be sure to plan to be in the area a few days to sample several cusines! And don't you dare tell me there is no place to eat in the area!

  • NEW!! Kingdom Tap Room, informal dinning, local beer specialities, music on weekends.
  • Bread & Butter Cafe -- NEW! -- next to Catamount Arts - hip, fresh, delicious, especially for lunch.
  • Gerardos Italian Restaurant has returned to St. J. -- and right downtown! as good as ever, open every night - a local family run restaurant - a real Italian family! A special favorite of my L.A. cousin!
  • Anthony’slong time local diner, always good and plentiful home cooking, American diner style.
  • Kham’s Thai CuisineChoose it hot, mild, or on fire –you’ll never find a cleaner, fresher, or more friendly Thai Restaurant. Small and totally local, totally Thai!
  • Pizza and beer on Friday Nights at Trout River Brewery-local micro brew in Lyndonville
  • Wine Gate -- downtown St. J.,eat on the deck in the summer, lunch always, dinner sometimes.
  • Perfect Pear in Bradford -- now has new name -- Mill (?? something??) Under new ownership - good reports! still well worth the 40 minute drive! elegant and delicious!
  • Colatina, also in Bradford -- Main Street Bradford, forever, and always casual and wonderful! Yummy!
  • Brown's Market Bistro in Groton -- Limited hours and menu for dinner on weekends only, reservations certainly recommended, but well worth the advanced planning! (on the web)
  • Happy Hour in downtown Wells River, on Rt. 5, family style, inexpensive, always open, good history!
  • Bentleys Cafe in Danville open for lunch and bakery treats w/coffee (closed Jan.,Feb.,March)

Speaking of gourmet cuisine: Need a special diet? - Gluten Free, heart smart, celiac, Vegan, etc.
Tell me when you reserve.  We will serve breakfast ‘gourmet style, your way!’

More, and more!! Fun in the Kingdom!!

  • Would you like a massage or an acupuncture.  It may be arranged with experts right here at the Barnet Wellness Center!  Let me arrange an appointment for you when you make your reservation
  • Farmers Market – Saturdays in St. Johnsbury all summer and fall and indoors during the winter! Fresh seasonal produce, bakery goodies, maple products, crafts, locally roasted coffee, locally made speciality soaps, music, lunch. This is truely 'buy local'! A piece of rural Vermont! Vermonters have a special relationship with good healthy foods.
    Winter markets are held at the Welcome Center -- Historic Rail Road Station !
  • Walk the Labyrinth at United Community Church in St Johnsbury -- lovely free!
  • Across the street from the Church is the Fairbanks Museum -- Natural History -- with a stunning collection of birds of the world - amazingly well preserved!
  • Then a block down the street, check out our greatest treassure -- The Athenaeum -- library and gallery - restored to its original grandeur and proudly displaying the newly refurbished Bierstadt painting of the Domes of Yosimity.
  • Film: Great film series at Catamount every night at 5:30 & 7:30 Two films nightly, each in an intimate small theater and now 9 o’clock Sat. showing. Ask about free movie passesl
  • Enjoy Nature and the Great Out of doors: Hike, bike or Boat, Kayak, Swim, or just walk!
  • Road Biking? Let me help you plan your route(s) four days here would be a start! Return every afternoon to the same secure bed and shower and plenty of snacks. Been there, done it on a bike!
  • Mountain Biking! Kingdom trails is 20 minutes away! The BEST in the WEST - & the EAST!

Always and Anytime: The first four are a must before leaving St. J. area!

St. Johnsbury is a Victorian Town, established and built at the turn of the 20th Century largely by the Fairbanks Family. A walk, or slow drive, on Main Street with self-guided tour in hand will give you a glimpse of the life, archetechture and worship of colonial northeast Vermont.

Visit the Athenaeum:  St. Johnsbury’s greatest treasure! Eclectic Art Collection and library in a wonderfully restored Victorian Building!

The Artistians Guild -- the best of Vermont’s artisans – Downtown St. Johnsbury, the building with the purple awning! Glass, pottery, ceramics, weaving, prints, painting, jewelry, rug hooking, etc. etc. etc., gallery and store – worth your trip for the gallery alone! And there are several more galleries in the area. Save a day for an 'art tour'!

The Artful Eye -- a new store featuring local North Country Artists -- Just across from the Guild above and has set a new standard for our area stores and galleries -- treasures from $20 wearable art to $2000 sculpture.

Catamount Arts -- You may by now realize the arts abound in this area! Catamount Arts has a gallery, two film theaters showing nightly arts and foriegn films and documentarys, a performance space, video rental, comfy lounge, and much more! It occupies newly and beautifully renovated space in the Masonic Temple Building on Eastern Ave.

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium --  also stunning architecture! The Planetarium celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a lot of new equipment for its presentations.  Planetarium Shows, Eye on The Sky Weather Reporting, and Special Shows along with exhibits of local history and cultural, natural science, a fantastic collection of birds. Check out

Antiquing --  I’ve shopped at all of them!  Let me help plan your day! (Did Vermont at one time have a huge population to create all these antiques?) Carmen is back on Railroad Street with her high end expertise! And there is a 'Red Tag Store', and another new Antique storein St.J.

Make a Family Visit to checkout St. Johnsbury Academy for your next year's high school? Prestigious, well established, high academic standing, many arts offerrings, and new dorms for boarding students next year! Check it out! I'm 12 minutes away.

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